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About me 


I passionately believe that living a life in line with your values, your purpose and your heart -  as your authentic self - is an under-rated part of not only recovery and prevention of chronic disease, but also at the centre of a happy, healthy, vital and inspired life. 


I too was living a stressful life, weighed down by responsibilities, and should do’s. As a single mother of two boys, with a fast-paced job as a fashion designer in a corporate world which involved a lot of global travel, an insane commute (5-hour round trip), family living miles away and subsequently death of loved ones, there was little time for me in the middle of it all. Life was about just getting through the day, with no time to see the lovely moments, to the point I barely noticed that slowly life was getting smaller, as I was getting sicker. Almost inevitably I was eventually diagnosed with burnout and various chronic diseases; including Hashimotos, chronic fatigue and then histamine intolerance and MCAS. My body, mind and soul had literally been screaming at me for years to stop or at the very least to slow down and take stock.

Luckily I found a Functional Medicine doctor, which started me on my road to recovery. Although the FM model itself has been phenomenal, it’s been the work that I've undertaken alongside that which has added another level to my journey. Part of that work has been learning to re-engage with who I am; what excites me, challenges me, comforts me, grounds me and it is that re-connection to myself that has supported me through the ups and downs of the process of recovery. - which is often a case of one step forward and two steps back!


As part of this discovery I decided to retrain and as a Certified Functional Health coach with Chris Kresser's ADAPT Academy. Additionally I am a Certified Soul Transformation therapist and I am currently undertaking

Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry course - all of which enable me to support others in rediscovering what is important to them in health and life. I know my journey would have been easier, a lot less lonely, and much more enjoyable with a coach by my side to help me navigate my path.

I very much hope you have discovered health and wellbeing coaching without getting to the point of chronic disease, but wherever you are in your journey, if I am the right coach for you I look forward to working with you. To me it’s the most basic thing one human being can offer another -  to listen without judgement and to support another to find the best version of their self.  As your coach, I will support you wholeheartedly to re-engage with the joy of living your version of an inspired life.

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