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“Our deepest calling is to grow into our authentic Self hood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be.“


Parker J Palmer


If Functional Health coaching is supporting your mind and body then 'Essentially you' my Wellbeing programme is about supporting and re-discovering your inner Self.

I fully believe it is by reconnecting to who we are and relighting that inner light that we truly get to thrive and live a healthy vital and inspired life.

'Essentially you' is a deeper dive into you. As women we can often become lost in a world of others expectations and stressful life events, such as divorce, motherhood, menopause and death of loved ones. As we adapt or merely cope with each situation we add increasing layers on top of our essential selves, blocking the rays of our inner light until we are a mere flicker.  Is it in any wonder that symptoms of stress and chronic disease creep in, as we move further away from our essential selves?

We can work together to help you regain, or even find for the first time, what truly makes your heart sing, helping you hear the voice within and live an inspired life from that place.

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“We listen for guidance from everywhere except from within”

Parker J Palmer


This journey, like all the others I offer is all about you, as only you know the answers that are right for you, I will partner with you to empower and support you on your path to redesign your life. 

This can be as complex a journey as you wish from:


 Helping you sort through the overwhelm of life’s transition periods  and everyday stressful events to discover what is true for you and find the confidence to act from that place.




Longer-term work supporting you to connect with your authentic Self; to consciously create, re-design and rebalance your life around your true values, hopes and dreams; and then supporting you to make the changes necessary to bring your vision into reality. 


Are you ready to live your most healthy, vital and inspired life?

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